Resource Calculator


How does this work?

  • First, enter your deck details on the left.

  • Hit 'Calculate', and a table will appear below, with cells in various shades of green.

  • The table shows a few things:

    • Top-to-bottom shows the turn number, with turn number 1 being your initial draw (if you want to simualte being player 2, enter '8' in 'First Turn Draw').

    • Reading left to right and referring to the numbers at the top, you can see the percentage chance of you having drawn exactly that many resources by that turn.

    • If you're dealing with a multi-coloured deck, there will be muliple percentages per cell - these are the chances of you having exactly that number of threshold.

    • The darkest coloured green is the most likely outcome, and anything without a number is as near to zero as makes no difference (less than 0.01% chance).

For a bit more info - please see my long-winded blog post on the calculator.